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Since almost ever, Ive been interested in all things military, historical or fantasy. However it was many years later, during an extended work trip from home and the wife( soon), that I actually did something about it and got into wargaming.

A collegue at work talked me into trying a games workshop 40k and far from the expected nerdy, geek types, I actually met a good bunch. Also dabbled with warhammer and D&D, however it wasn't until I got home to blighty and read a book by Harry Pearson - achtung schweeinehund! that I arrived back at historicals. Harry, if my wife ever finds you, she may kill you....:) Actually shes been extreamly good, to the point of buying me toy soldiers to paint up as gifts. She even helps out. Anyhow with this new bottomless pit of choices of spending my cash ahead of me, I delved straight in and joined a local club. The guildford wargames club and I could not of asked to meet a finer group of gents in helping me out and knowledge. So they are also partly to blame for the numerous projects Ive started and never ever finished. With that all in mind, I decided to post up a blog. Something where I can shove photos and ideas up and hopefully get some feedback from like minded gamers. So - Here goes :)

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

15mm Castle

A member of TMP was asking about black cats 15mm castle range, which got me thinking about the same set, I recently bought at Salute. Ive dusted it off and gave it a grey base coat, just need to work out how im going to set it up now. I think I'll make a couple of bases, one for the full castle and one for a long single wall with turrets. Anyhow, heres what you get in the large castle set
Short walls and corners, the non painted stuff is stairs and collapsed walls.

Turrets and long walls

Additional stuff - curved tower

I also received wedges with the set. They are walled and fill in the gaps between curved tower and straight walls, all very nice

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Back to napoleonics again......

As a break from ancients, I found some nice AB pics on the web, thought Id have a go myself. Ive plenty of brits and portuguse, so heres a few testers for my highlanders. Let me know what you think

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Big big fog.....

under contruction

On Saturday, I played my first large scale battle and only my 2nd game of FOG. It was all down to a fellow clubmate, Ray who organised, fed and provided the venue, so many,many thanks to him for doing such a great job.

Full forces

The game started with a massive pike line along for the macs and cav on either wing. The Romans supried us with a cavaly in the centre with legionaires etc on the wings and to the right of centre.

Two centres and two wings were each controlled by one player, I took one of the macs centre lines, containing mostly pike, skirmishes and two elephants.

Sunday, 10 May 2009

15mm Thebans

As we are just about to play an almighty fog battle, this saturday, using macedonians v romans, Ive dusted out some old xyston thebans Id not painted and tried some out. I started out with a starter army box set from xyston which was theban 450bc-275bc and had some additional holites to. In fact, Ive just ordered a few extra cav and command troops to help out. The starter pack consists of 4 command, 28 hoplites, 4 peltasts, 4 psiloi and 6 cavalry. All of the figures are very very nice, with only the psiloi a little odd. Nice figures, just smaller then the others oddly. Anyway, Ive knocked some up and here they are. I need to do some work on the shields and base them, however im quite pleased with the results.
so without futher ado......

Theban hoplites and command. Had pikes to begin with before cutting them down. Will need to investigate this a little to see if they did or didnt...

Some archers

Some cavalry

some peltasts and an odd command figure

and the small psiloi

more to come

Monday, 27 April 2009

Pike and Musket

More.....Im on a role with the pics, so here are some English Civil War 28mm

WW 2 Germans

Yet another project - heres the start of it. 28mm WWII Germans. Ive about 50 infantry to paint up at some point. Using Vajello paints, games workshop washes and basic highlighting.


Another side project is some Flames of War troops. Starting off with Russians. Here are some T-34's to begin with. Mortor platoon to follow

Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Great War

Finlly took a few snaps of my great war testers. Lovely minis, Ive 30+ more to do, for later war period. Here are some early war british tommies. Next up, will be the trench raiders. When i have time that is....

Thursday, 23 April 2009

The Malburian Project

the Malburian club project. As I said its going to be in 15mm. So first things first, what figures to use. Well the first choice is blackhat miniatures Malburian range, largely because I know the owner and he makes nice stuff. First look at the miniatures, Ive 10 French Inf, 10 Grenadiers and a command set and my impressions are very nice. Well sculptured and proportioned. A litte excess flash, quickly removed and they are ready to go. In comparison to say AB 15's they are a chunkier. This makes the details, far easier to paint up.
Ok as a tester im going to try and paint up in for various regiments. To help with this, Ive used the excellent website http://royalfig.free.fr/index.php?/category/31 and the combined knowledge of my gamers club. To start with Im going to paint a couple of regiments.

AUVERGNE regiment - grey jacket, white leggings and under garment and pink facings
BIGORRE regiment - white jacket, white leggings, light blue under garment and light blue facings]

So here are testers

sorry the files are rather large

Next the command squad

Ok....time to start blogging


Ive put this off far to long and its time to start taking pics and making some regular posts. I've plenty to talk about, however Ive just got to start taking more pictures. My wife has a new camera, a Canon EOS 500D so Im going to inform her of her up and coming task! First on the new list though is the start of a club project. The Malburian period in 15mm. The likely ruleset we are going to use is Under the Banner. Ive never played it, however looks like fun. Right...to the camera