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Since almost ever, Ive been interested in all things military, historical or fantasy. However it was many years later, during an extended work trip from home and the wife( soon), that I actually did something about it and got into wargaming.

A collegue at work talked me into trying a games workshop 40k and far from the expected nerdy, geek types, I actually met a good bunch. Also dabbled with warhammer and D&D, however it wasn't until I got home to blighty and read a book by Harry Pearson - achtung schweeinehund! that I arrived back at historicals. Harry, if my wife ever finds you, she may kill you....:) Actually shes been extreamly good, to the point of buying me toy soldiers to paint up as gifts. She even helps out. Anyhow with this new bottomless pit of choices of spending my cash ahead of me, I delved straight in and joined a local club. The guildford wargames club and I could not of asked to meet a finer group of gents in helping me out and knowledge. So they are also partly to blame for the numerous projects Ive started and never ever finished. With that all in mind, I decided to post up a blog. Something where I can shove photos and ideas up and hopefully get some feedback from like minded gamers. So - Here goes :)

Sunday, 10 May 2009

15mm Thebans

As we are just about to play an almighty fog battle, this saturday, using macedonians v romans, Ive dusted out some old xyston thebans Id not painted and tried some out. I started out with a starter army box set from xyston which was theban 450bc-275bc and had some additional holites to. In fact, Ive just ordered a few extra cav and command troops to help out. The starter pack consists of 4 command, 28 hoplites, 4 peltasts, 4 psiloi and 6 cavalry. All of the figures are very very nice, with only the psiloi a little odd. Nice figures, just smaller then the others oddly. Anyway, Ive knocked some up and here they are. I need to do some work on the shields and base them, however im quite pleased with the results.
so without futher ado......

Theban hoplites and command. Had pikes to begin with before cutting them down. Will need to investigate this a little to see if they did or didnt...

Some archers

Some cavalry

some peltasts and an odd command figure

and the small psiloi

more to come

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