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Since almost ever, Ive been interested in all things military, historical or fantasy. However it was many years later, during an extended work trip from home and the wife( soon), that I actually did something about it and got into wargaming.

A collegue at work talked me into trying a games workshop 40k and far from the expected nerdy, geek types, I actually met a good bunch. Also dabbled with warhammer and D&D, however it wasn't until I got home to blighty and read a book by Harry Pearson - achtung schweeinehund! that I arrived back at historicals. Harry, if my wife ever finds you, she may kill you....:) Actually shes been extreamly good, to the point of buying me toy soldiers to paint up as gifts. She even helps out. Anyhow with this new bottomless pit of choices of spending my cash ahead of me, I delved straight in and joined a local club. The guildford wargames club and I could not of asked to meet a finer group of gents in helping me out and knowledge. So they are also partly to blame for the numerous projects Ive started and never ever finished. With that all in mind, I decided to post up a blog. Something where I can shove photos and ideas up and hopefully get some feedback from like minded gamers. So - Here goes :)

Monday, 30 August 2010

The 10mm world of AWI


I had some pendraken 10mm American War of Indepedance figures so I thought Id try them out, much to my suprise they are as good as some 15mm's Ive seen! So with a knee operation coming up and 8 weeks recuperation Ive thought Id have a go at painting up the battle of Guilford court house. Here are my first efforts. Comments always welcome

First up my order of battle

British Regiments:
1 troop of the 17th Light Dragoons (incorporated in Tarleton’s Legion)
2 composite battalions of Foot Guards (comprising men from the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Foot Guards)
23rd Royal Welch Fusiliers
33rd Foot, now the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment
71st Fraser’s Highlanders (disbanded at the end of the war)
Bose’s Hessian Regiment
Light Infantry
Royal Artillery
Tarleton’s Light Dragoons

American Regiments:

1st and 5th Maryland Regiments
Delaware Infantry
4th and 5th Virginia Regiments
Lee’s Legion
Light Infantry
North Carolina militia
Virginia militia
William Washington’s Light Dragoons
2 companies of artillery with four 6 pounder guns

British Line


British Light


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

..those light infantry look like dismounted dragoons.. :o))

Keith said...

they are very very close and I plan on using them that way. Until Pendraken bring out some of their own that is. That and tarletons dragoons